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Napier Nursing Home Solution

Introducing the Complete Clinical Solution Supporting the Modern Nursing Home

Napier Nursing Home Solution is a fully integrated, web-based and scalable solution designed to help nursing homes and other aged care facilities stay competitive and gain efficiencies across their operations, ultimately lowering costs and increasing bottom line. It addresses the automation requirements of the entire care provider environment from doctors and nurses to administrators and patients, including provision of access to clinical information, preparation of case summary, appointment scheduling and consolidation of services during the billing process.

The Napier Nursing Home Solution caters to the end-to-end IT needs of a Nursing Home, from Administration to Clinical Management, Pharmacy, Patient Portal, Mobility, Telemedicine and Home Health. Key functionalities include Census Management, Electronic Medical Records, Resident Assessment and Care Planning, Events and Alerts, Medication Administration Record, Clinical Documentation, ePrescription, Patient/Physician/Family portals, and Billing and Collection.

Napier's solutions allows care providers to run their end-to-end operations with complete visibility and control over costs.


The Napier Healthcare Advantage

Napier's solution improves the speed and accuracy of administrative and clinical information flow between administration, care providers and patients. The automation of administrative and financial functions such as appointment scheduling and billing, increases efficiency and productivity at all levels, enabling providers to optimise resources and increase patient volume.

The Mobility and Analytical solutions offered by Napier are powering innovative healthcare delivery models in many emerging economies today. Established in 1996, Napier's software has helped mid-sized, large private and public sector care providers across the globe. Napier's Healthcare solutions transform the way hospitals capture clinical information, streamline workflow, reduce medical errors and provide analytical insights. Headquartered in Singapore, Napier Healthcare has presence in USA, India, Middle East and Africa.

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